Evan Rosato

Evan Rosato received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from the University of Central Florida and works across a diverse range of processes, including glassblowing, printmaking, drawing, and painting. His work draws from his experience of having a brain tumor and explores the deconstruction of the myths and misconceptions of brain tumors through conceptual portraiture. Rosato currently resides in Orlando, Florida, and works at UCF’s Flying Horse Editions as a Printers’ Assistant.

Evans Statement about his artwork series: 
Brain tumors to a large majority tend to elicit naïve preconceptions and misunderstanding. My intention is to visually convey symptoms of a brain tumor effectively through conceptual portraiture. By introducing the complex nature of brain tumors through a creative lens, rather than a scientific one, I make them seem less esoteric and more palatable for the public to understand through visual stimulus. Through a variety of processes and materials, each piece is inspired by the multifarious symptoms of a brain tumor and communicates my personal experience.